Responsible Business: Our Initiatives and Projects in the Environmental Area

We attend to the future of our planet and actively contribute to its protection. For quite some time, we have been implementing various projects in the field of the environment, whether they are smaller or larger initiatives. We continually strive to innovate and modernize our approaches to more effectively contribute to a sustainable environment. In addition, we actively collaborate with our business partners to share this responsibility and support them in improving environmental standards. We are committed to constant growth and development, aiming to shape a positive future for our planet together.

Green certificate from STEELMET


Great news! Our company has received another green certificate and is actively fulfilling its environmental commitments. The certificate is issued in accordance with the prestigious WEEELABEX standards, confirming our commitment to environmental responsibility. We thank all our customers and partners for their support and trust in our journey towards sustainable business.

WEEELABEX is an international non-profit organisation that applies and audits CENELEC standards through selected audits to improve the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Europe. The main objectives are environmental protection, operational safety and risk prevention, minimum impact on human health and maximum possible material recovery in waste treatment.

ESG Report for the year 2023


SWISS ltd. is publishing its first report on environmental, social, and governance factors of the company for the year 2023. The report summarizes how our company approaches sustainability issues and provides transparency to all our stakeholders, including customers and financial and business partners.

Company Environmental Program 2023 – 2025


In the fall of 2023, we adopted a new environmental program for the company covering the years 2023 – 2025. This program defines our long-term and medium-term goals in the field of the environment. The program also includes a commitment to the efficient use of natural resources and pollution prevention with the minimization of negative impacts on the environment in the company’s activities.

Certification of Management Systems


During the year 2021, we successfully completed the implementation process of the company’s environmental management system. Subsequently, in October 2021, we successfully underwent the certification audit and obtained an internationally valid certificate in accordance with the requirements of the  ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Green Certificate from SEWA


For several consecutive years, we have repeatedly received the green certificate from SEWA lnc.,  an authorized organization responsible for the producers’ responsibility for electrical waste, batteries, packaging, and non-packaging products.

Green electricity from ZSE


We exclusively use green electricity, which is 100% generated from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, water, biomass, geothermal water, and others. These energy sources naturally renew themselves, meaning they are inexhaustible and environmentally friendly.

Support for “paperless” technologies


We continually strive to reduce the share of paper documentation by implementing electronic communication tools, both internally within the company and in communication with our customers and business partners.