Spare parts

We offer original spare parts from manufacturers for which we provide authorized service. All the parts that we offer and that we work with in service operations are exclusively original spare parts, where the manufacturer guarantees the correct functionality and reliability of the device.

The warranty for purchased spare parts is 3 months for clients in accordance with the Commercial Code and 24 months for clients in accordance with the Civil Code. Parts subject to normal wear and tear, parts damaged by external influences and parts that were not installed in accordance with the prescribed technological procedure of the manufacturer are excluded from the warranty.

The sale of spare parts for Apple products is tied to service, a professionally performed repair. The sale of Apple spare parts (except accessories, such as adapters, AirPods, …) cannot be realized separately.

If you are interested in a spare part, please fill out the given form and we will send you a price quote for the service associated with the replacement of the part.